Savings for Condo Owners | Toronto

Why should you register with COA

  • Maintains a Registry of Complaints from Membership
  • Creates a protection mechanism for Condo Owners
  • Creates public awareness of Condo related issues
  • Works with the Press to keep Condo Owners informed
  • Works with Government for Changes to the Condo Act
  • Work with Government to improve Tarion Warranty coverage
  • Work with Municipalities for stronger Building Codes
  • Advocates a Special Bond for Reserve Fund at higher interest Rates
  • Advocate Municipal Taxation and MPAC Assessments for Condo Taxes
  • Provide a Unified Voice for Condo Owners across the Province


Condo Owners Enjoy Savings with COA Affinity Programs

Manufacturers, Distributors and Retail Outlets

  1. Strathcona Hotel Discounts on week and nights stays
  2. Brick Warehouse 15% - 30% discount at the Brick Warehouse
  3. Vitamix Canada 15% off Vitamix - blenders, free shipping


Over 1.4 Million Condo Owners in Ontario

  • Over 6,750 Condo Corporations and over 1,000 Commercial
  • What if your Board does not comply to the Condo Act
  • What if your Board lies to unit owners for personal gain
  • What if your Board changes the By-laws in contravention of the Act
  • What if your Board forged proxies to control votes or make changes
  • What if your Board refuses to provide you with Condo Documents
  • What if your Board has good intentions but they need more guidance
  • What if your Board is not educated on Condos enough to make wise decisions
  • What if your Board allows Property Management to sign on their behalf
  • What if Condo Owners are afraid to Speak Out



COA recognizes how to protect Condo Owners

  • COA fields numerous complaints received from members
  • COA supports Condo Board of Directors to comply to the Condo Act.
  • COA identified Condo Act cannot be a self governing Act as it stands today.
  • COA advocates Condo Act must protect Condo Owners / Corporations
  • COA supports fines on Board of Directors; who do not comply to Condo Act
  • COA supports licensing of Condo Management Firms & Condo Managers
  • COA provides Federal, Provincial and Municipal Government representation
  • COA speaks as a credible voice for Condo Owners
  • Condo Owner awareness on Television, Radio, Newspaper/Print, Community
  • Understands Condo Act and proper governance and changes to the Act
  • COA provides opportunities for Politicians to strengthen relationships
  • Provides access to the latest Condo research information, news highlights
  • Provides awareness to Condo Owners of concern and issues
  • COA allow participation & opportunity to work side-by-side
  • COA has a resource of support from Rate Payers Associations