Condo Owners Association Internship Program is underway.

Our vision is to work with young people across the Province and help us to shape beautiful sustainable condominium communities. Our flagship Association has reached fellow Ontarians and special interest from the United States. The site showcases important condominium information for Condo Owners and today's Condo Buyers.

Today's Youth can connect with each other and identify with the importance of Home Ownership and interactive Government Legislation. The New Home Buyer market is inspired young leaders globally, along with the growth of our Country. We provide an education resource among various other tools to develop awareness of Condominiums.

The Condo Owners Association was founded by Linda Pinizzotto with a motivation to create an organization providing Condominium knowledge to our Communities. COA's Intership program provides an avenue to bring our youth together and advance their credits of knowledge. They will enjoy a hands-on approach to gain life experiences for a very valuable future.

Why apply to the COA Internship Program - Students Click: Student Volunteer Form

  • Jump start your future as a Young Adult and real estate future
  • Network and connect with valuable professional business contacts
  • Receive coaching, leadership and mentorship
  • Develop your Career in various areas of business
  • Interact with our 3 Levels of Government

Internship Opportunities
Communications and Marketing
Graphics and Design
Human Resources
IT - Information Technology
Marketing and Advertising
Politics and Government Relations
Project Management


  • COA advocates for Condo Owners and their concerns
  • COA spoke at the Carson Dunlop Home Inspector Condo Forum
  • COA supports complete governance and transparency so all are protected.
  • COA can provide Condominium Buyers with extensive information and knowledge
  • COA supports long term sustainability; welcoming a happy condominium community
  • COA supports a strong and respectful relationship between Owners and Boards of Directors


Help COA make a difference for Condo Owners

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  • Students Click: Student Volunteer Form


Build a Better Condo Community