How COA Helps

  • Maintains a Registry of Complaints from Membership
  • Recognizes that Condo Owners have no where to turn
  • Creates a protection mechanism for Condo Owners
  • Creates public awareness of Condo related issues
  • Recognizes that too many Condo Boards have too much control
  • Works with the Press to keep Condo Owners informed
  • Works with Government for Changes to the Condo Act
  • Work with Government to improve Tarion Warranty coverage
  • Work with Municipalities for stronger Building Codes
  • Address Special Bond for Reserve Fund at higher interest Rates
  • Lobby Municipal Taxation and MPAC Assessments for Condo Taxes
  • Provide a Unified Voice for Condo Owners across the Province



  • Our Provincial Government needs to recognize condominium structures and assist with special benefits and/or exemptions.
  • COA is not concerned with good Board of Directors who handle the affairs of the Corporation in compliance to the Condo Act. We are concerned about those who do not comply and where the Condo Owners have no rights within their own buildings
  • How do Condo Owners in these situations protect their investment? COA is keeping a record of all of the complaints they receive which not only identifies the problem but also in which Condo Corporation these problems exist.
  • As is identifying a numerous assortment of complaints received from members which they can present to Government to force resolutions and offer constructive and helpful suggestions for changes in the Condo Act.
  • COA stands behind a mandate that all Condo Board of Directors must be forced to comply to the Condo Act
  • The Condo Owners Association has identified that the Condo Act cannot be a self governing Act as it stands today. It has to reflect a protection method for Condo Owners and the Condo Corportion where a fining process to those in non-compliance to the Act can be processed which is no different from other Acts in place example: Traffic Act, Accessibility Act, Health and Safety Act and so on
  • COA supports a certification and education process for Condo Board of Directors recognizing that they are handling the affairs of potentially an $80,000 Million dollar + or - Condo Corporation with and an operating budget of possibly $1,000,000 Million dollars as an example of a 300 unit building.

Does your Condo have these problems

Note: as per comments and complaints received

  • Over 1.25 Million Condo Owners in Ontario
  • Over 6,750 Condo Corporations and over 1,000 Commercial
  • What if your Board does not comply to the Condo Act
  • What if your Board lies to unit owners for personal gain
  • What if your Board changes the By-laws in contravention of the Act
  • What if your Board forged proxies to control votes or make changes
  • What if your Board refuses to provide you with Condo Documents
  • What if your Board has good intentions but they need more guidance
  • What if your Board is not educated on Condos enough to make wise decisions
  • What if your Board allows Property Management to sign on their behalf
  • What if Condo Owners are afraid to Speak Out



Condo Building Membership - as approved by Board of Directors


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