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Condo Owners join the COA Movement "ENOUGH ALREADY"

COA Toronto - is the 1st Division of COA Ontario

COA SAYS "NO" to "Bad Condo Boards

COA SAYS "NO" to Bad Property Managers

COA is a STAKEHOLDER in the Condo Act Review

COA WORKS with Ministry of Consumer Services

COA is YOUR Condo Owners Association for Condo Owners

Are you faced with Bad Board of Directors with Issues of Control, Manipulating or Forging Proxies & Minutes, Issuing Unjustified Liens, Threatening & Harassing You, Refusing You Access to Condo Documents; Ignoring Your Request, Having Corporation Solicitor Sending You Legal Letters; Creating Smear Campaigns Against You and Destroying the Comforts of Your Home. Why are these Directors doing this? Are the budgets being tampered with? Are the prices of the service contracts inflated to cover Board kick backs?

Owners have to "Say No" and "Speak Out" - Owners Need Protection

Condominium information and representation for Condo Owners by the Condo Owners Association; COA advocates for Condo Owners and provides Condo Information to 1.3 million Condo Owners. COA was formed March 2010 by Founder Linda Pinizzotto, a 33 year veteran Realtor, Director and Government Relations Chair of a Real Estate Board, as a non-profit Association to represent Condominium Owners across the Province of Ontario having Divisions of COA in every City:

Toronto * Mississauga * Ottawa * Belleville * Brampton * Burlington * Cornwall * Hamilton * Kingston * Kitchener * London * Niagara Falls * North Bay * Oshawa * Ottawa * Sudbury *

Linda says she was driven to start COA because " I am concerned for Condo Owners and wanted to help by forming an advocacy group to represent them no different from the Teachers Association representing the Teachers or any other types of Associations. Our membership is strictly for Condo Owners and does not include Condo service related trades, ie Property Management firms, Condominium Lawyers, Builders etc. When asked if it was true that Linda funded COA personally using her own money to get it off the ground, she answered "Yes, I knew I had to and I knew it was going to be a tremendous amount of hard work and determination to start this non-profit Associations but it had to be done. It will be a while before it is financially able to cover itself and we hope condo owners will help us to help them. " "

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